Review blocked on libc++abi group

Hello. I have a bug fix in review that’s been waiting 3 weeks for attention from the libc++abi group:

It’s been reviewed by somebody outside that group already (thanks @miyuki!), but if I’m understanding the “Blocking Review” marker on the Phab page correctly, the libc++abi group members also need to give approval. But pinging the patch hasn’t seemed to get their attention.

Have I missed some piece of procedure? Is there something else I ought to be doing? For example, if my previous reviewer had marked the revision as ‘accepted’, would that have got it on to an approver’s to-do list?

Sorry, you’re not missing any piece of procedure, this is just about review bandwidth. Next time, feel free to ping someone in the #libcxx Discourse channel, it is usually the fastest way to draw attention.

I just approved the patch, thanks for your patience.

Thanks very much, and sorry to have nagged!