review request: fix lldb -P on Linux (and simplify running

Hi all,

When someone has a spare moment, could you please take a look at the attached patch? It implements a TODO in Host.cpp and fixes the PYTHONPATH printing feature of lldb (the -P flag). With fix applied, it is no longer necessary to set PYTHONPATH manually or to use the "-i" flag when invoking on Linux (and I expect FreeBSD).

The couple lines added to fix LLDB_BUILD_DIR environment variable on Linux, which was causing the TestPublicAPIHeaders testcase to fail.

Daniel Malea <>
Intel Waterloo
Phone: 519-772-2566

fix_lldb_minus_p.patch (2.03 KB)

Apologies for the double-post; this is the same patch with the implemented TODO removed.

fix_lldb_minus_p.patch (2.69 KB)

Looks good as far as I can tell.

Thanks Greg! Committed in r171558. The instructions on the build page are now more complicated than they need to be; I'll update those shortly.