Reviewer, with WebAssembly knowledge, requested for D78778


I have put together a patch for the AsmPrinter.

It aims at being able to emit the CFI unwind information for debugging
purposes as needed when exceptions are not enabled/supported.
Currently no CFI unwind information will be emitted if
`MCAsmInfo::getExceptionHandlingType() == ExceptionHandling::None`,
even if `--force-dwarf-frame-section` is used.

Due to this patch, llvm/test/MC/WebAssembly/{debug-info.ll,
debug-info64.ll} needed updates to accommodate the .debug_frame
section that is being generated now.

While the outcome of the patch is in the right direction, I am
wondering if someone could review if the updates to WebAssembly LIT
tests are expected?


You'll probably have to go check the commit history on the WebAssembly
patches and email someone directly (add them to the 'to' line of this
thread and/or add them to the review).

I CCed a wasm developer sbc100 on D78778.