Reviews pending


I have two reviews pending:

  1. D52002 which was accepted sometime ago but needed another revision due to some last minute failures in the check-llvm. Do I need to wait for another acceptance or can I simply check it in?

  2. D52707 which is related to D52002 but needs to be accepted before I can commit. There is no response from any reviewer since the last almost 3 weeks. Can I check it in?

What could be the next course of action for me?

Thanks and regards
Ayonam 12/01/19 0220 IST

Generally the advice is to ‘ping’ review threads roughly weekly - replying to the thread usually with the word ‘ping’ or similar, just to make sure it hasn’t slipped off someones list/radar. Especially if it already has had some review traction, best to get the attention of those existing reviewers who have context

Thanks David. I’ll do so.