[RFC] Adding FreeRTOS platform

Hi lldb-dev,

As part of my Bachelor’s thesis, I’m going to add a new platform to LLDB (FreeRTOS in my case) to perform a kernel debugging. Is there a documentation about adding a new platform?

As far as I know, my case is similar to PlatformDarwinKernel, so I need to do the similar things:

  1. add FreeRTOS platform;
  2. add FreeRTOSKernel platform;

Am I right that I’ll get the threads/tasks support “out-of-the-box” since it’s already implemented in OperatingSystem plugin?

I found out that there will not be “out-of-the-box” threads/tasks support since the lldb doesn’t know anything about thread’s structure. It seems that to have it works I need to implement the OperatingSystem plugin for the specific OS. Is it right? If yes, is it enough?

сб, 15 дек. 2018 г. в 16:45, Alexander Polyakov <polyakov.alx@gmail.com>: