RFC: Adding support for the z/OS platform to LLVM and clang


  1. Add patches to Clang to allow EBCDIC and ASCII (ISO-8859-1) encoded
input source files. This would be done at the file open time to allow the 
rest of Clang to operate as if the source was UTF-8 and so require no 
changes downstream. Feedback on this plan is welcome from the Clang 

Would it be correct to assume that this EBCDIC → UTF-8 mapping would be as prescribed by
UTF-EBCDIC / IBM CDRA, notably for the control characters that do not map exactly?
Notably, if the execution encoding is EBCDIC, is ‘0x06’ equivalent to ‘0086’, etc?

The question “Is Unicode sufficient to represent all characters present in the input source without using the Private Use Area?” is one that
is relevant to both Clang and the C/C++ standard. ( I do hope that it is the case!)