[RFC][ARM][CMSE] ARMv8-M Security Extensions - upstreaming clang/llvm support

Hi Javed,

As I have been working in the area of attributes lately, please add me as a reviewer for the ARMv8-M Security Extensions upstreaming effort.

With regards to adding support for the CMSE attributes:
- They are target-dependent, yes?
- If so, are they implemented as string attributes per guidance in https://llvm.org/docs/HowToUseAttributes.html?

Todd Snider

Javed Absar via llvm-dev writes:

Hi Todd:

Thanks for the response. I will add you as a reviewer for the patches.
The current implementation does not use the string attribute. But thanks for pointing it out. I will change that part of implementation in the process. Probably I will put up the patch as is and improve it (along it other suggestions you may have).
best regards