RFC: change build order (or location) of LLVMHello plugin

Hello, everybody!

On win32(s), lib/Transforms/Hello cannot be built cleanly.
It will be built after 1st build.

Linking the plugin LLVMHello.dll requires other libraries, especially LLVM.dll.

May I move Hello to other location?
Or, may I tweak llvm/Makefile?


Do you know what the exact problem is? It would be best to fix the
Makefile instead of moving it. And sense it is a transformation, the
build system is broken if you _have_ to move it.

- Michael Spencer

Good evening, Michael.

A trivial patch is attached. Checked on x86_64-centos5, ppc64-f12 and
cygming with both ENABLE_SHARED.

I think it would be better eg. the directory plugins/ should be had.

good afternoon...Takumi

r111094-nonlazy-Hello-plugin.diff.txt (1.32 KB)