[RFC] clang-format Changing BraceWraping.AfterExternBlock's behavior?


the BraceWrapping.AfterExternBlock option in clang-format current wraps the brace if it's set to true or doesn't if it's set to false like the name implies.

the problem is, this option also indents extern blocks if it's set to true, unlike what the name implies.

I'm trying to add another option to clang format called IndentExternBlock, and I want to change the default behavior of BraceWrapping.AfterExternBlock to match what's it's name says, just wrapping the brace of extern blocks, and to stop having it indent.

but LLVM is strongly against changing options, and I'm just wondering if there's a way I can get consensus on this option being changed, or if not, what an alternative could be?

I've thought a bit about changing BraceWrapping.AfterExternBlock to an enum it's self, but the problem with that is it'd be an enum inside an enum and the config file and parsing for it could get confusing, and also what would you even call the options, and how would mapping the new enum to the old bool values work?

So yeah, what are you guys' opinions?