RFC: DIBuilder C API

Hi llvm-dev,

I’ve put together an implementation of a set of C API bindings for the DIBuilder interface. This builds off of work the Rust team did to wrap the DebugInfo API for rustc. It’s been expanded from their initial implementation and slightly generalized.

I’d like to get some feedback before I submit the patch to Phabricator. Specifically, I’d like to know what I should add to it and what I should potentially leave out. I’d also like to know if this has a good chance of being accepted, or if there’s a reason I didn’t know why it wouldn’t.

The current state of changes are visible here: Comparing llvm-mirror:master...harlanhaskins:debug-info-api · llvm-mirror/llvm · GitHub


Harlan Haskins


Please make sure to add Eric Christopher as a reviewer.

I suspect the main challenge is that the C API is supposed to be stable, and if I understand correctly, debug info representation have historically not been very stable. But I’ll leave this to the experts...

Is this for the development head, or some release version of llvm?