[RFC] Having common Python OS Plug-in

Hi lldb-dev,

The last few months, I was implementing a LLDB OS Python plug-in. It seems that there are functionality that is duplicated across many OS plug-ins. I think we can change that by, for example, upstreaming to LLDB an OS python plug-in which can be used by all clients and may contain a lot of utility functions and useful mechanisms like logging, type summaries and so on.

What is your opinion on this?

If you want to undertake such a thing, that would be great. The other fairly complex OS plugin that exists in the wild is the one that ships with the Darwin Kernel Debug Kit. You can get this from http://developer.apple.com/download/more - you need a free ADC account to get this, though if that's a problem I can also get you a copy of the Python code for the OS plugin. If you're going to make some common utilities you might have a look at what that one does if you haven't already.


It seems that I need a Apple ID to create an account, can you please share the code?

I want common OS plug-in to be similar to Apple’s lldbmacros (link), but it should be with support of multiple architectures and operating systems, logging and so on. I’ve created such a plug-in for Zephyr OS, maybe I’ll be able to also share the code to show how common plug-in might look like.

The os plugin in the KDK's is just a packaged up version of what's in the link you referenced, so the KDK wouldn't add anything.