[RFC] llvm-strings tool

Hi everyone,

I have implemented llvm-strings tool, it's similar to GNU strings tool. Input is LLVM IR file (.bc) it dumps on stdout strings from IR file, there is also option for printing input file name (-f).

$cat test.c
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
   printf("\n\n\n\nHello world\n\n");
   return 0;

  $clang -emit-llvm -c -o test.bc test.c
  $llvm-strings -f test.bc
  test.bc: .str
  test.bc: Hello world
  test.bc: .str.1
  test.bc: 123456789
  test.bc: main
  test.bc: printf

If someone is interested I can post patch on phabricator.