[RFC/PATCH][2/4] New SystemZ backend: LLVM testsuite changes


this set of patches adds platform-specific support to the base LLVM test

The first patch adds 290 new SystemZ CodeGen (.ll) tests.
The second patch adds 582 new SystemZ MC assembler (.s) tests.
The third patch adds the usual test suite config changes for a platform
that supports MCJIT, but not the old JIT, modeled after existing changes
for PPC64 and AARCH64.

Overall, this test of tests ought to provide significant coverage of
SystemZ features.

[See also LLVMdev for the full set of SystemZ patches and discussion.]


(See attached file: diff-systemz-llvm-test-codegen)(See attached file:
diff-systemz-llvm-test-mc)(See attached file: diff-systemz-llvm-test-jit)

diff-systemz-llvm-test-codegen (856 KB)

diff-systemz-llvm-test-mc (484 KB)

diff-systemz-llvm-test-jit (10.1 KB)