[RFC] Please give feedback on a slide talking about LLVM

Hi all,

  As you might already know, there is a CGO tutorial talking about
MCLinker and LLVM [1]. If you have interest in this topic, please
don't hesitate to join us. :wink:

  I, one of the co-oragnizers, are going to give a presentation
talking about "LLVM Intermediate Representation". This presentation
has three subjects:

  - LLVM's lowering flow
  - The intermediate representations (IR) and LLVM IRBuilder
  - LLVM Machine Code Layer

I want to put my slide on the list early so that I can get feedback
from you guys to make the presentation better. You can see the draft


The goal of this presentation is giving a clear overview on how
LLVM IR be lowered to binary. I want to make this slide easy to
understand for a LLVM newbie. This slide should be a complementary
material to the LLVM official document, to be specific,


So if the slide has any incorrectness (even the term I am using),
or you think the slide is NOT easy to understand , or you think
I should add something else, please let me know.

  Thanks. :slight_smile: