[RFC] Proposal: Clang C/C++ language working group

My apologies for the short notice, but we need to cancel the April 20 meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll reconvene on May 4.

We will be canceling the May 18 meeting due to conflicts. We will pick it up next time. See everyone then!

The Clang C/C++ language WG meeting is on for Wednesday June 1 at 11am EST. I’m a bit light on content Clang C/C++ Language Working Group Meetings - Google Docs. Let me know if anyone has any topics they want to discuss, or if there any Code Reviews we want to conduct.

I received a request to cover an update on consteval issue consteval function not allowed in default argument to constexpr constructor · Issue #48230 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub. @ChuanqiXu I see that you just took ownership of the issue, I hope you’re able to join the discussion.

Hi, I am not able to join the meeting due to personal reasons.

And here is the story: I meet a duplicate problem and file an issue for it (Clang failed to use std::source_location::current() in default argument · Issue #55769 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub). I didn’t know it is duplicate that time and I took some time to fix it. Then @jyknight mentioned that there is already one issue for it and I assigned it to myself immediately due to I’ve just finished a solution. However, in the later of the day, I found there is already one solution in ⚙ D119646 [clang] Allow consteval functions in default arguments and I confirmed his solution is better than mine. So it is just a misunderstanding. And I think the problem should have been fixed. Given @lzaron is not active recently. I think we could commit the patch in the next week (The authority should be him, of course).

Hope this helpful.

The Clang C/C++ language WG meeting is on for Wednesday June 15 at 11am EST. Let me know if any new topics need to be added Clang C/C++ Language Working Group Meetings - Google Docs . Also open for any Code Reviews we want to conduct.

Sorry all, the Google calendar got out of synch, there is no meeting today. WG meetings are the first and third Wednesday of the month. I will cancel today’s meeting and fix the invitation.

Is today’s meeting cancelled?

I think so, Jeff is out of office in outlook, so i guess that means he’s not coming to let everyone in.

Im so sorry, i totally forgot to cancel this weeks meeting. I’m also going ro be out next meeting on July 20, as I’ll be attending the CPPNorth conference.

Reminder, we won’t be holding the meeting on July 20, we’ll see you all in August!

As discussed at today’s Clang C/C++ language working group, we will cancel the December meetings. The next meeting will be held on Jan 3, 2023. If anyone is interested in catching up on the Clang C/C++ language working group minutes, please check them out Clang C/C++ Language Working Group Meetings - Google Docs

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I was reading the minutes,
Please note that Clang - C++ Programming Language Status was updated.
The DR page needs a new core issue list publication before it can be updated and i have no idea when that will be available.

Creating issues on GitHub for the newly approved papers isn’t something i have done but i agree we should do it.

I’ll be working on what’s already on my plate, namely lambda trailing return type, immediate invocations in default parameters and a bug with capture of structured bindings.

Enjoy your holidays.

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Thanks @cor3ntin for maintaining this!

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Thank you for handling that Corentin!

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Meeting notes are appreciated once started.