[RFC] Semi-Automatic clang-format of files with low frequency

I literally just now resolved a massive merge conflict that resulted because a sweeping change was made to a switch, that then had to get clang-format'ed. My job would have been much simpler if that code was already formatted, but somebody got fancy with lining up everything in said switch. I assure you I had better things to do with that 30 minutes.

clang-format is a great tool, specifically because using it means that nobody has to think about (or argue about) the formatting. But it works better if the code is already formatted. It would be nice if we could get to that point in a timely manner.

I’m very much in agreement here. I think that since the move to git the “who is responsible for this change” especially with the couple of odd commits that changed line endings is no longer particularly valid. We can debate aspects of clang-format, but I think the general perspective of moving to just clang formatting everything is probably a good idea.