[RFC] Update C++ standard to 17 for `libomptarget`

Currently LLVM has moved to C++ 17 (https://discourse.llvm.org/t/c-17-in-llvm-code-base/ and [LLVM] Update C++ standard to 17 · llvm/llvm-project@b135650 · GitHub). I think it’s time for us to follow as well. We did the similar thing for C++ 14 about two years ago. Per the RFC for LLVM, it will require:

  • GCC to 7.1
  • Clang to 5.0

I removed the requirement for macOS and Windows because our libomptarger doesn’t support them anyway. If there are no concerns I will submit the patch to Phabricator next week.

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Now we moved to C++ 17. (Move openmp from -std=c++14 to -std=c++17 · llvm/llvm-project@af28b27 · GitHub) Thank Ron for the patch.

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