RTTI doesn't work with libc++/libsupc++ on GNU/Linux

I tried latest trunk clang and libc++(using libsupc++) on Unbutu 12.10.
I builded libc++ by following the instruction on http://libcxx.llvm.org/
I use libsupc++ which come from Ubuntu 12.10 for C++ABI library.

Everything works fine until I use RTTI.
If I use libc++, almost all RTTI features are failed to link properly.

Somehow, #include <cxxabi.h> fails if -stdlib=libc++ option is used.
It said it can't find the header file although any other headers in
the same include directory with cxxabi.h can be found.

The only thing I found it work is type_info for class type.
type_info for fundamental types and function types are fails to link.

Am I missing something?