RTTI/EH in prepackaged versions of clang (6.0.1)


I’m building clang/llvm from source and I would like to set the same cmake flags as the packaged version (Linux Mint 18.3/Ubuntu 16.04.3), how do I find out what flags the prepackaged versions of llvm/clang are built with?

I essentially want to know if the packaged version is built with LLVM_ENABLE_RTTI and/or LLVM_ENABLE_EH or other flags that could be problematic for plugin loading/usage.

(From the CMakeLists.txt for the hello plugin example I’m assuming EH relies on rtti and enabling exceptions implicitly enable rtti?)

Also, do those flags affect exceptions and rtti usage in llvm-based runtime libs which are statically linked to user binaries and used for JITing during compilation?

Is it save to build a plugin without rtti (so it’s compatible with a stdc++rtti-less clang), while having a runtime lib with rtti and exceptions?

Sry, that’s a lot of questions.

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