Hi all.

This is my first post to the list, and feel free to correct me if something needs to be changed.
Otherwise, this is my message. Considering this file, esp. its line 276:

files = [make_absolute(entry[‘file’], entry[‘directory’])
277 for entry in database]
In my private repo, I ran with an added line
files = set(files), and it ran twice as fast because it eliminated duplicates. In its original form, I have some files duplicated as many as 3 times. Since the GitHub page of the project does not accept pull requests, I am starting by posting here. My question is, how to effect this change in the current


Hi Serikzahn,

Thanks for posting sounds great to me :slight_smile:

To contribute to LLVM, the main way is to use Phabricator. Consider and for information on how to contribute.