Run scan-build with clang wrapper script

i have the problem that in my project some gcc flags which are unknown to clang

so i wrote to write a little script which just removes the flags before executing clang
that worked with an old versions of clang

now i get some errors running clang

scan-build --use-cc=$CC --analyzer-target=$GCC_PREFIX --use-analyzer=/usr/bin/clang -o test make V=1

this works if i remove the flags for the gcc

scan-build --use-cc=$CC --analyzer-target=$GCC_PREFIX --use-analyzer=/home/ramin/ --analyzer-target=$GCC_PREFIX -o test make V=1

this gives me some errors like this

error: unknown argument: ‘-###’
error: unknown argument ‘–analyze’; did you mean ‘-analyze’?

the script does only this

exec /usr/bin/clang $@

how should i execute clang in my script to get it working ?