Running lit tests on grid


We are interested in running big sets of lit tests on grid (e.g. test-suite). So we will be grateful if someone can answer 2 questions:

Hello everyone,

I wanted to add some details and motivation for this.

For example, LLVM test-suite uses lit as tool for running tests and benchmarks, great part of them can execute for quite long time. Some benchmarks with special set of compiler flags can also have a great compile time. So it can be important to utilize resources very effectively.

There is already opportunity to choose threads or processes to parallelize in lit, but this works only for one machine.

There is DRMAA or Distributed Resource Management Application API, which is a high-level Open Grid Forum API specification for the submission and control of jobs to a Distributed Resource Management (DRM) system, such as a Cluster or Grid computing infrastructure. For python there is package which allow to detect if there is any grids or not, and uses threads/processes on local machine.

But one important point, then building should be part of test in LLVM test-suite. Now there is a mechanism that all tests firstly are built and then they execute.

Are there any objections for such change from community?

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