Running the test suite on iOS using lldb-platform

Here are instructions for running the test suite on iOS:

1 - download and build the "arm64" branch of our puzzlebox git repository twice:
    - once for desktop
    - once for iOS (remove the source/LLDBWrapPython.cpp prior to building the iOS)
2 - rsync the "Debug-iphoneos/LLDB.framework" down onto the phone into "/var/root"
3 - telnet or ssh into the device and do:

device% rm -rf test ; mkdir test
device% ./LLDB.framework/lldb-platform --listen 2000 --min-gdbserver-port 2001 --max-gdbserver-port 2005 --port-offset=10000

The short version of the above lldb-platform launch is:

device% ./LLDB.framework/lldb-platform -L2000 -m2001 -M2005 -p10000

3 - start tcprelay on the host

host% tcprelay --portoffset 10000 23 514 873 1013 2049 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Here we are going to use port 2000 for the platform and ports 2001-2005 for the debugserver ports

4 - Now attach to the remote platform which will use port 12000 (10000+2000) and run the test suite:

host% cd lldb/test
host% ./ --arch=arm64 --platform-name remote-ios --platform-url connect://localhost:12000 --platform-working-dir /var/root/test --compiler=`xcrun -sdk iphoneos.internal -find clang`