Running the test suite with special opt flags

How can I setup the test suite to run with special opt flags?
Specifically, I'd like to add -unroll-allow-partial -vectorize in order
to test my autovectorizer, and then compare that to just having
-unroll-allow-partial and also to just the regular -O3.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Hal, I think the testsuite has support for "opt-beta" which means
running opt with special flags side by side with the usual opt.
TEST.nightly.Makefile turns this on with ENABLE_OPTBETA. I took a
peek at Makefile.programs to see how it is implemented, and as far
as I can see it can't possibly actually work :frowning: So probably the
simplest thing is to run the testsuite once to get a baseline, then
hard-wire these options on in std-compile-opts and run the testsuite

Ciao, Duncan.


Silly question, but how do I do that? I know how to turn on Vectorize by
hand (because that's a flag that I added myself to the
PassManagerBuilder), but how can I hard-code other command-line option
flags? Is there a way of doing it without fooling with argv?

Thanks again,