[RuntimeDyld] Heads up non-X86 RuntimeDyldELF users

This is a heads up for those of you using RuntimeDyldELF (directly or indirectly through e.g. MCJIT) on targets other than X86.
I have just committed http://reviews.llvm.org/rL235060.

This commit changes the way that relocations work internally
on a number of platforms with the goal of allowing us to free the
unrelocated object file earlier. It should not in general change the observed

I have tested this on X86. Other platforms represent my best understanding
of how those relocations should work, but I may have missed something because
I do not have access to those platforms. If you’re using RuntimeDyldELF and are seeing failures after the above commit, please let us know so we can get them sorted out.

We will keep the current ugly workarounds in place for a couple of days, so this commit
can be reverted if it breaks the bots.


This issue has been lurking for a long time, it’s really great to see it getting fixed. Thanks very much Keno!

RuntimeDyldELF target maintainers: If you see failures related to this patch, providing a RuntimeDyldChecker regression test will be a huge help in tracking down the issue. See test/ExecutionEngine/RuntimeDyld/* for examples of how to write these, or ping me on the lists or IRC.


I’ve seen two buildbot failures so far, but I think I tracked down the problem. Fixed in http://reviews.llvm.org/rL235070. We’ll see after the next buildbot cyle.