Safe use of offsetof?

I'm working with some source code that does the following. Its
declared as a static method.

167 long
168 cbdata::MakeOffset()
169 {
170 cbdata *zero = (cbdata *)0L;
171 void **dataOffset = &zero->data;
172 return (long)dataOffset;
173 }

Under UBSan, the code creates an entry for each use of MakeOffset():

    runtime error: member access within null pointer of type 'cbdata'

The code is not amicable to use of offsetof(...). I think its because
there's a Stack member, but I don't know the C/C++ language rules like
most folks. error: offset of on non-POD type 'struct cbdata'

But I'm fairly certain (correct me here) it falls under case 2 listed

    2) Those cases where any reasonable implementation (and all
       implementations we know of) give the right answer, but ISO
       C++ says "undefined".

Is there a way to code MakeOffset() so that UBSan will be happy so as
to avoid the runtime error? Or will this have to go into an ignore

Thanks in advance.

What are you really trying to do? How do you intend to use the result of this function?