SAFECode and Poolalloc Branches for LLVM 2.6

Dear SAFECoders and LLVMers,

There is some new work on moving DSA to the new LLVM 2.7 API. I am hoping to do something similar for SAFECode once the code freeze occurs.

To keep things running smoothly, there are now release_26 branches for the poolalloc and safecode projects. If you are using SAFECode, Poolalloc, or DSA with LLVM 2.6, you will want to switch to these branches.

To get poolalloc and safecode out of these branches, use the following SVN commands:

svn co poolalloc
svn co safecode

If you have any questions or problems compiling poolalloc or SAFECode, please email llvmdev or svadev, respectively.

-- John T.