SAMATE Juliet Test Suite for clang and clang analyzer

Hello! I’d like to suggest to use the Juliet Test Suite for C/C++, v1.2 from NIST site: (last table). It’s at least 100 MB as a zip file, at least 600 MB when unzipped.

It contains various files:

  • compile.bat file to compile with windows

  • Makefile_all for non-Windows (I tried to run but managed to get full memory and locked my system for a certain time, no idea why)

  • some python scripts to regenerate the builders

three folders:

  • doc, which has a pdf manual with a lot of info

  • testcasesupport, with headers and sources which are common to all tests and it should be included when compiling the tests

  • testcases, with all the tests

This last folder, in turn, is divided in folders per CWE types.

My first question is: which ones are you interested to investigate? The list is attached as dir_list.txt.

Be aware that the cwe dirs attached as dir_list_w32.txt contain only win32 tests.

This way, I can generate a file_list.txt which will contain only the selected test cases and use it to run clang (+ static analyzer) and check for false positives/false negatives.


dir_list.txt (4.09 KB)

dir_list_w32.txt (1 KB)