Sanitizer buildbot


Am I right to assume that if I specify { 'category' : "sanitizer" } to
my buildboc config on, it'll only fire builds on
"compiler-rt" repository changes?

One of our buildbots,, is
mainly a compiler-rt tester, and most of the time it fails for
problems in the sanitizers (as intended), but we only get the error on
clang/llvm commits, so people don't notice.

If I add that parameter to my buildbot, will it pick up on compiler-rt changes?


Hi Renato,

Category “sanitizer” builders depend on llvm, cfe, and compiler-rt projects, i.e. a build gets triggered by any change in any of these projects.

The builder you have mentioned is in the “clang” category and depends on llvm, cfe, and clang-tools-extra projects.

If I understood correctly what you are after, you need to use “clang_fast_scheduler” if your builslave could be considered as fast, or define your own scheduler.
To use “clang_fast_scheduler” you can specify “clang_fast” category for your builder.

Please also keep in mind that category is also a way to filter builders, for example

would show only sanitizer and polly builders.

You may want to have a new category for your compiler-rt builder.
If so, please let me know and I’ll add that and will move your builder.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Galina,

I think this is the right category, then. Can you change it, or do you prefer me to do it?