Save the date for the 2022 US LLVM Developers' Meeting!

Save the date for the 2022 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting! It will be held November 8-9 in San Jose, CA at the historic Hayes Mansion. Pre-conference special events will occur on November 7th.

The LLVM Developers’ Meeting is a bi-annual gathering of the entire LLVM Project community. The conference is organized by the LLVM Foundation and many volunteers within the LLVM community. Developers and users of LLVM, Clang, and related sub-projects will enjoy attending interesting talks, impromptu discussions, and networking with the many members of our community. Whether you are a new to the LLVM Project or a long time member, there is something for each attendee.

What types of people attend?

  • Active developers of projects in the LLVM Umbrella(LLVM core, Clang, LLDB, libc++, MLIR, lld, etc).
  • Anyone interested in using these as part of another project.
  • Students and Researchers
  • Compiler, programming language, and runtime enthusiasts.
  • Those interested in using compiler and toolchain technology in novel and interesting ways.

This will be a 2 day event on November 8 & 9th featuring talks, tutorials, and panel discussions on topics relevant to the LLVM Project. There will be a reception on the evening of November 8th. Pre-conference events, such as a newcomer welcome and more, will be held on November 7th.

This event will be held in-person only and will adhere to any local COVID-19 requirements that are in place during the conference.

Please stay tuned for more announcements regarding this event.


Nit: semi-annual

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bi-annual is actually correct. It can mean twice a year or every two years.


Huh. Got it confused with biennial, which is actually the term that means every two years. biannual - Wiktionary
Thanks for helping me learn something today!


Hi @tonic - thanks for the heads up. I know it’s a bit early still - but when do you think the deadline for submitting proposals will be roughly?

Here is the proposed timeline:
July 1 - CFP goes out
Mid-July - Registration Opens/Official Event Site up
August 31 - Proposal Deadline
Sept 1-14: Program Committee does their work
Sept 17: Notifications are sent.

I’ll put this on the website too.


English :joy:

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I realize it’s almost impossible to find a slot that does not clash with something. As of current published dates, this clashes with ISO WG21, so will be a tricky call for clang developers who also attend the committee meetings.

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Unfortunately, we had a very hard time getting dates given that many conferences had pushed out or rescheduled their events due to covid. I apologize for this date overlap as I do try to avoid it each year.


Is there any possibility that the lightning talks could be pre-recorded, like on previous dev meetings, or will this event be entirely in-person?

We would prefer in person presentations, but have not ruled out having remote speakers. So please stay tuned for more information once the call for proposals is released.

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Thanks for the answer!

Is there a hotel block (special rate), if so how do we ask for that?

Yes, see 2022 US LLVM Dev Mtg - Hayes Mansion booking link.

Is there a link for registration? :slight_smile:

We are putting the final touches on the registration site. It may open up today or Monday. I’m hoping for today!


Are there any COVID-19 guidelines for international travellers, specific to the Developers’ Meeting and its venue?

The COVID-19 requirements are listed on the event site homepage and in the FAQ. 2022 LLVM Developers' Meeting

I’ll cut and paste here, but these are subject to change if local guidelines change.

We will follow all local COVID-19 restrictions. As of August 2022, indoor masks are strongly recommended but not required. We encourage all attendees to be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 tests and masks will be available at the event.

Please check for any international COVID-19 regulations as those vary by country. You can find entry requirements for the United States here: International Travel to and from the United States | CDC

Is there a full agenda for the meeting yet?

Not yet. There are lots of great submissions this year and the Program Committee is working hard in order to make a program given the scheduling constraints.

But we hope the list of accepted talks will be available soon

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