Scan-build can't find .h file from dependencies Project

hi all:
I used clang checker-275 scan iPhone project which depend another project , the following error found:

/Users/mqq/clang_QQCamera_iphone/QQPicShow/PSAppDelegate.m:11:9: fatal error: ‘SNSLib/SNSLoginService.h’ file not found #import <SNSLib/SNSLoginService.h>
At the same time ,the build script without scan-build can execute successfully.
Incloesd is the script for dailybuild and the scan script , the logs for them is also packed.
Can anyone tell me the difference betweent directly build and the scan-build following xcodebuild?
Or is any bugs for the checker whcih can not search the .h file ?
Thanks all.


Howard Ling (150 KB)

(resending to cfe-dev without attachments)

I don’t see anything obviously different here, but perhaps your two configurations have different settings?

I don’t think this will be easily resolved over e-mail, so perhaps file a Radar and attach the project that reproduces the problem. (Radar, not Bugzilla, because this could just as easily have to do with Xcode as with scan-build.)