scan-build checking for make

Hi all,

scan-build looks at the name of the build command to decide whether to add CC=... and CXX=... commandline options for make-like build commands, in order to override these values if they are set in the makefile (which wins over environment variables).

Unfortunately, this means that

scan-build /usr/local/bin/make or scan-build $HOME/bin/gmake

are not recognized as "make-like" and CC=... and CXX=... options are not added.

This check should be made with a regex, just like the checks before.

Is this Perl script still used? Should I make a patch?


Yes, perl scan-build is absolutely still used, so patches are very welcome!

Regex, or just extract the filename, or maybe even *always* set these variables because it's unlikely to make things worse.

Now I have to learn to use Phabricator :slight_smile: