scan-build gcc make weirdness


Been trying to scan-build gcc-4.5.3 with clang version 3.0 (trunk
139992). Something weird seems to be going on though, and I have no
idea what it is or how to troubleshoot. Doing ;

scan-build ./configure
scan-build make

seems to start off alright. build takes ages though, but thats pretty normal...

but then, at some point...

ccc-analyzer seems to exit (disappears from the process list)

but the make build continues ...

only with this cmd line instead of ccc-analyzer :


I have no idea what is going on here....

- John Smith

GCC bootstrap builds itself by first being built with the host compiler, then building itself with itself. The compiler used in the second part, xgcc, is the product of the first phase.

Everything is fine. All the code you want to analyze is analyzed in the first phase, even though xgcc is used for the later part of the build.

Phew. Thanks.
[ me feel silly now ]