[scan-build] [Patch] Compiler call interceptor for Linux

Hello again,

I sent a message to cfe-commits mailing list, but nobody answered. This task is listed in open projects. Is anybody interested in this interceptor?

Link to review: http://reviews.llvm.org/D3608

29.04.2014 09:38, Aleksei Sidorin:

[+cfe-commits again, -cfe-dev]

Interested yes, but unfortunately not all of the people involved in the analyzer are using Linux systems. (I'm on OS X.) I've CC'd a few other recent contributors to the analyzer, but I can't remember if they are familiar with and have access to Linux systems either. (Laszlo in particular is attempting to rewrite scan-build in Python, for more uniformity with the rest of LLVM, so this is the sort of thing he'd want to stay up-to-date about.)

Sorry for not being so responsive here,