scan-build reimplementation

hi all,

i did spend a few months to rewrite the scan-build into python. (it has two major parts the ‘ccc-analyzer’ and ‘scan-build’ itself.) i did successfully rewritten the ‘ccc-analyzer’ part… are there any ongoing activity to rewrite the ‘scan-build’ part? (i remember someone wanted to work on it as part of SoC program.) if someone does, is that code available somewhere? if nobody does, i would continue my work… just want to avoid duplicate efforts.


Alexey, as CC of this email, has been working on scan-build project but
the work is not to rewrite scan-build.
His work has been to write a series of tools to analyze the
clang-analyzer/scan-build results.

By the way, we follow your work and are interested by the outcome. It is
not our intention to duplicate the work in the Clang community.
The work is available here:

The roadmap is the following