SchedMachineModel clarifications

Dear Andrew and the Group,

I’m trying come up with a SchedMachineModel for the AMD bulldozer  [](

The model is not exist for the same .Please correct me if am i wrong here.

I was going through your reference @ .

But I couldn’t model some of the your definitions in the reference like


b)SchedReadWrite and SchedReadAdvance
c) per-operand 

to the processor architecture instance .

I will be glad if you give me some instance example on the above definitions

Thanks in Advance


Dear All,

Attached files is related to the changes made to add the Schedmodel for a AMD bulldozer target,

Please note that , the model is incomplete but has some of the valuables features implemented.

Request to the group or someone from AMD for the comments on the implementation.


~umesh (9.45 KB)

Hi Umesh,

You should send patches to, also each patch
should be its own plain-text attachment.