[schedule] Where is the pipeline for defining pseudo-instructions?

In the schedule dump (-mllvm -debug-only=machine-scheduler),we can see some pseudo-instructions. such as LOADgot, we define the latency 1 in the following frag. But we usually don’t define them in the SchedMachineModel, so where can I get their defining ?

SU(15):   %17:gpr64common = LOADgot target-flags(aarch64-got) @G_VML_ATAN2_DATA
  # preds left       : 0
  # succs left       : 19
  # rdefs left       : 0
  Latency            : 1
  Depth              : 0
  Height             : 25

Oh, I see. Define the WriteAdr and WriteLD is enough for the above pseudo-instruction LOADgot

def LOADgot : Pseudo<(outs GPR64common:$dst), (ins i64imm:$addr),
                     [(set GPR64common:$dst, (AArch64LOADgot tglobaladdr:$addr))]>,

def WriteLDAdr : WriteSequence<[WriteAdr, WriteLD]>;