SDNode definitions in TableGen

I see the following pair of definitions in a TableGen file:

def SDT_XSTGEhRet : SDTypeProfile<0, 2, [SDTCisInt<0>, SDTCisPtrTy<1>]>;
def XSTGEhReturn : SDNode<“XSTGISD::EH_Return”, SDT_XSTGEhRet, [SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue]>;

I’m especially wondering what the part in square brackets in the SDNode definition in the second one means:

[SDNPHasChain, SDNPOptInGlue]

Normally, I think these supposed to be some sort of DAG matching, but in this case it looks more like attributes the node should have.

What are the meanings of SDNPHasChain and SDNPOptInGlue? And what is the meaning overall of these definitions?