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Should I use lldb::SBTarget::GetModuleAtIndex() to get all modules and then lldb::SBModule::GetSymbolAtIndex() to go through all symbols?


This is the only way right now as we don't have a SBModule::FindSymbols that takes a regular expression. We only currently have:

    FindSymbols (const char *name,
                 lldb::SymbolType type = eSymbolTypeAny);

If you want to, you can add a:

    FindSymbolsByRegex (const char *regex, lldb::SymbolType type = eSymbolTypeAny);

Then you could call this:

SBModule module = ...;
lldb::SBSymbolContextList symbols = module.FindSymbolsByRegex("^vtable for ");

You can then also add this to SBTarget. Let me know if you are interested in adding this and I can help you do it.

Greg Clayton