Searching for issues authored by `mannequin` users does not work

It looks like the issue search does not correctly work when trying to
search for issues authored by a mannequin user.

For example, the query is:open is:issue author:coffezhou doesn’t return
any results:

But the user created at least the following open issue:

Is this a known issue?


This is expected. mannequines are not real users and this is just a placeholder. If you’re seeing that something is authored by mannequine, this means that the content is not claimed by the specified github user.

The corresponding GitHub user decided not to accept invitations to claim this content on github and we are not allowed to “force attribute” it.

Thanks, its still seems unfortunate that it seems impossible to search for issues authored by such users :frowning:

I believe that it does remain possible for a mannequin user to accept the invitation to join the llvm-bz-contributors group, in which case they can re-associate those “mannequin” bugs with their account. (I’m not sure the full set of steps that needs to be taken for this to occur, however).

@jyknight This is a two step procedure:

  1. User should accept / request an invitation to llvm-bz-contributors group (this is how a user starts belonging to llvm organization). No association happens here.
  2. Only then I can be able to send an attribution invitation for such user to claim a mannequin. A user should accept such invitation. There is no way to request it.

All invitations to llvm-bz-contributors were already sent. If someone would want to claim the ownership, then they could just ask.