searching for nested for-loops

Hi all,

i have a question. This Code finds all For-Loop in a Cpp-File and gives LIKWID_MARKER_START(); and LIKWID_MARKER_STOP(); as output.

Now i want to search inside a for loop for nested for loops if this will find a nested forloop i dont want to set the text.

i just want to set the text in the outer for loop, not the inner for loop.

How i can do that in clang?

bool VisitStmt(Stmt *s) {

if (isa(s))

ForStmt *ForStatement = cast(s);
SourceLocation ST = ForStatement->getSourceRange().getBegin();
stringstream SSBefore;

TheRewriter.InsertText(ST, SSBefore.str(), true, true);

stringstream SSAfter;
ST = ForStatement->getLocEnd().getLocWithOffset(1);

TheRewriter.InsertText(ST, SSAfter.str(), true, true);