Segmentation fault bug on static initialization of BOOST components

Hi everyone,

I’m running into a bug described pretty well by this bug report.
So I have a generally successful install of Clang V3.3 via macports on OS X 10.8.3.

I can compile and run my large application successfully with Clang.
I can test small example programs with AddressSanitizer successfully.
I cannot use AddressSanitizer with my large application.

I get a Segmentation Fault on program startup in the same boost::exception_detail::get_static_exception_object() function mentioned in the linked bug report above.

Two questions.

  1. Is that bug report also likely to lead to a fix for Clang? Or is it specific to gcc? If a separate bug report is needed, where?

  2. Can I do anything to get AddressSanitizer working with my large application which uses BOOST?

I did look at the linking command from clang++ -v …, then replaced
(Having already seen: clang: warning: argument unused during compilation: ‘-static-libasan’)
The link phase still succeeds. But I get the same segmentation fault.