Segmentation fault on update


I had a program that would traverse a .ast file and print out the statements
that I wanted.
I was using libclang for this. Last week I updated the llvm and clang
folders and did a build.
After this, my code gives a segmentation fault on execution. It never did
this before the update.

I even tried downloading a fresh copy of the release source code and
building the same. The
segmentation fault still exists. On running it through gdb, it was seen to
be crashing at the
VisitCursor constructor. Printing out the variables did not help at all.

Can someone please let me know if I might have done something wrong. I made
no changes to my code.

OS: Ubuntu 10.10
Clang version : 3.0
Build: Tried two things
- check out from svn and one build for llvm and clang
- downloaded code for llvm and clang from the downloads site and built them