This test has been failing for me for a long time, with:

Notes expected but not seen:
   Line 97: forward declaration
Notes seen but not expected:
   Line 89: forward declaration of 'struct OneTag::X'

Should the test just be changed, or is this a real problem?


There's a real problem here. When we hit an ambiguity in type-name lookup, we emit an error and then return one of the answers (for recovery). The problem, however, is that which answer we return isn't stable from one machine to the next. The solution will be to make Action::getTypeName return a TypeResult, so that we can return an error after emitting the ambiguity diagnostic.

I've XFAIL'd the test, although that'll cause complains on other systems :slight_smile:

  - Doug

Ok, can you file a bugzilla about this? Maybe the test should just be moved to the bugzilla entry. That way contributors won't get confused about the failing test.

Thanks Doug,