Senior Compiler Engineer / Cambridge Quantum / UK

Cambridge Quantum is looking for Senior Compiler Engineer to join our team in Cambridge, UK.

CQ is the software wing of Quantinuum which is a full-stack quantum computing company — we have our own ion trap devices in the US, and we develop end-user applications for problems where we believe quantum computers offer an advantage. A key part of that stack is our compiler, TKET. It’s open source, and it supports many different platforms not just our own. It’s not currently based on LLVM but that is going to change. So we’re looking for someone who knows LLVM well to help us make that jump. MLIR is considered an advantage too. We’ll teach the successful candidate the quantum computing knowledge they’ll need.

The actual job ad is here.

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Is remote ok for this position?

We’d definitely prefer to have someone on-site in Cambridge, but we might be willing to do remote for the right person. The only hard limitation is that you’d have to live in a country where the company legally exists; at present that is the UK, US, Germany, and Japan.