SetCC tablegen pattern

I am attempting to match setcc using tablegen w/ the following

def FEQ : Instruction<(outs GPRF32:$dst), (ins GPRF32:$src0,
GPRF32:$src1), "eq $dst, $src0, $src1", [(set GPRF32:$dst, (seteq
GPRF32:$src0, GPRF32:$src1))]>;

And it is failing stating that the result must be an integer. Is there a
way around this other than modifying Also, why is
it assumed that all comparison results are always integers?

If I put GPRI32 as my destination register, it complains about register
classes not matching......

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That’s how ISD::SETCC is specified. If you want to change that for your target, you should custom lower these nodes to target nodes. Then you can specify your own SDNode with your own SDTypeProfile.



The one problem with this approach is that the LegalizeDAG is expecting
whatever I lower to have the same resulting value as setcc, so I am
still stuck using i32's for my results no matter what my initial type
is. I've found a way around, by inserting the correct conversion
instruction manually, but my backend doesn't require integer only
comparison results. Just seems like a waste to have all these conversion
instructions(which are fairly expensive) for each non-i32 based