Settin up a LNT nightly tester to report to


I got a new machine on which I want to run nightly tests that track clang performance changes over the next years. I plan to use the same or a similar setup as Bob is running for his i386 tester, but for x64. (I plan to extend this, but I want to start small).

To set this up I think i need two things:

1. A script to automate the separate steps

A script that checks out the different svn modules, compiles them and reports to the performance server. I plan to just put this script in my crontab.

@Bob: Do you have such a script already available?

2. An account to be allowed to report to the server

Who is the person I need to ping for this?

Thanks for your help

FYI, I would also really like to contribute some hardware here. I’m eagerly awaiting the steps. =]