Setting readnone attribute for function declaration


   I would like to ask, if there is a way how to set readnone attribute for a function declaration.

Lets say I would like to have such function:

short __attribute__((readnone)) fun(short a, short b, int c);

However, the clang frontend (v.1.0), does print a warning, that the readnone attribute is ignored.
I looked in the newest revision sources, but it does not seem that it is supported either.
Do you know whether it is possible to convince the frontend, that this function should have the
readnone attribute (I need this to allow optimizations over this function call boundary to happen)?

Thank you
   Adam H.

In C code, we follow the GCC naming of the attributes, so readnone = attribute(const) and readonly = attribute(pure).


It works perfectly, thank you for your answer.
   Adam H.