Setting up a silent buildslave

Hi Galina,

I would like to setup a silent buildslave for some experiments. Essentially, I would like to receive build requests from the llvm master buildbot, do my local builds but not publish results on the main buildbot (or complain to users when the builds fail).

Would such a setup be possible? I looked at the documentation [1] but that seems to describe a normal buildslave setup.


/ Asiri


You don’t really need to use the llvm builders infrastructure, just setup a local jenkins (or whatever) bot that triggers from the llvm svn, see

I was hoping to avoid the trouble of having to setup a master buildbot.

But may be it’s just easier to run Zorg as-is locally alongside the buildslave. I’ll give that a go.


/ Asiri

Hi Asiri,

You can use your local master for this or use silent master.

Silent buildbot is currently copy of llvm buildbot, but does not sent any notifications.
The both have the same set of builders and it’s easy to switch a slave between them.

To add slave/builder please add your slave and builder to zorg, but point your slave to silent master:
use instead of

It’s address:




Thanks Galina.

/ Asiri