Setting up array ordering dwarf for arrays

Hi all,

Is there a way to set up array ordering (DW_ORD_row_major or DW_ORD_col_major) using debug metadata ?

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Not at the moment, we’ve been adding things that need additions to the metadata on an “as needed” basis. Do you have a language that allows you to swap orderings in source code? If so, then feel free to add it to the array type metadata and send a patch.


Usually the array ordering is implied by the language; for example LLVM supports Fortran via Dragonegg but we still don’t set the ordering explicitly, we rely on the debugger to assume the right ordering because of the language code. You wouldn’t need to set ordering unless you want an ordering that isn’t the language default, or you’re using a language code that the debugger doesn’t understand.


Pretty sure that's what I said, but you definitely said it more
explicitly. Thanks Paul. :slight_smile: